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coming up:

"Through Thick & Thin" with Betsy Kaufman at Kerry Schuss, NYC, June 20 - July 26

"Haystack Hands" at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME, July 21 - September 15

"The Aerodrome, an exhibition dedicated to Michael Stanley" (group show) Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK, June 12 - September 8

"Less Is a Bore: Maximalist Art & Design" (group show) ICA Boston, Boston, MA, June 26 - September 22

"Painter's Reply: Experimental Painting in the 1970s and Now" (group show) Lisson Gallery, New York, NY, June 27 - August 9

"What Beauty Is, I Know Not" (group show), Konig Gallerie, Berlin, Germany, August 20 - October 13

on view now:

Polly Apfelbaum & Isa Melsheimer, "Via Appia"
May 2 - June 5
Galerie Nächst St. Stephan
Grünangergasse 1 - 1010, Vienna, Austria